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My first submission

2009-12-01 12:25:57 by Dj-NaiRda

Well, due to my first submission on the web, the picture of gohan wich is somwhere around here on my page =P, I think that write something on my "News post" would be a good idea, but i don't know what to write really, so... I try to do it my best

I'm working on some new drawings, so I think I will ublish it on the web too, the flash animations are another issue, I'm not good at all on they, well I have not much idea in fact =),but I have a friend that make good ones, and he's registred here too, so... I'll try to convince him to publish some of that animations, and well I'll try to do something too, never is late to try it no?

Well, nothing more to comment, I hope publish something soon

Se ya later! =D


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